The Latest fat Burning Buzz

Garcinia Cambogia As seen on Dr Oz, is the latest in fat burning supplements that tote another claim to help in weight and fat loss. I am going to give it a try. I ordered mine through (not endorsing just got a great price for buy 1 get 2  Pure Garcinia Combogia 1500MG).


The claim is you don’t have to do any real diet or exercise to see results. I am however, doing moderate exercises; (15-20 min Elliptical Mon. 10 min Kettlebells Tue & Thur. 30-45 min treadmill Wed,  And bowling on Fri) I am also on a low-slow carb/Paleo type of Diet.

To Our Health

To Our Health

Since July 1st,  We have cut out all processed foods & sugars, grains & legumes, wheat, breads & cereals, dairy, and starches. Almost sounds boring now doesn’t it? It has been a challenge creating things that my husband enjoys eating also. fortunately I only have bombed a couple of times where he didn’t like something and once where he didn’t even eat the meal (because it had cilantro in it)!

Our best discovery was a sodastream so we can make our own sparkling water. We use real lemon and lime juice and not their syrups as they are loaded with chemicals and sugars. This has greatly helped my husband cut out sodas.

We do take some supplements and for calcium we drink the unsweetened almond milk. I’m not quite ambitious enough yet to make my own.

We both have lost weight, my husband has lost about 13lbs and I have lost 14.3lbs. The weight fluctuates a little up and down, and this deffinatly is a slow process. Hence the reason I am going to add this supplement to see if I start seeing better or different results. I also want to add that we both feel so much better, have energy to spare, and no longer have that heavy weighed down feeling after eating. Our meals now consist of organic free range meats and eggs, wild caught fish, and fresh fruits and vegetables. for sweet treats and snacks we have dates (frozen, really yummy), cocoa chips mixed with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, or a 1/4c mix of walnuts, pecans, pistachios, and almonds. A desert of fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries with heavy cream tops any dinner. One day a week we eat out and “splurge” having something from the restricted foods. We do this to keep my husband on track as each time he goes off he puts back on a little weight and it helps him stay on the “diet” or what I like to call a new eating lifestyle. I try not to go to far off as I don’t like seeing the scale tip upwards

OK- Back to the Garcinia Combogia – Day 1… this will be an updated blog as I see or don’t see any results. Stay tuned…


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