Fat Burning Buzz update #1

Last week I told you about my adding the Garcinia Cambogia to the supplements I take, and would update how it has aided or not in my diet.


After  a  week taking the supplement, I had a loss of 2.3lbs but gained back 1.7lbs due to eatting out over the weekend.

As mentioned before weight will fluctuate up or down depending on outside factors. Weekends are a time that the diet wanes as we usually go out to eat at least one meal sometimes two or even three over the course of the weekend. Since you have little control over ingredients when eating out, this usually contributes to some weight gain on Mondays’ weigh in. The weight I gained took 3 days to get back off. Rather a large price to pay just to not have to cook.

Since it is still so early in the addition of the supplement, I havent had enough time to evaluate the results from taking it. One thing I will mention, I do have a more energetic feeling, but again, I cant say for sure its because of taking the Garcinia Cambogia, or just my healthy diet.

Well stay tuned for the next update. Have a great week.

To your health.


2 thoughts on “Fat Burning Buzz update #1

  1. thanks for the update, I just started a blog myself on my using this supplement because there are too many reviews out there and I can’t tell what’s real and what’s not. Good luck! I do hope it works

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